Thank you for a Beautiful Volunteer Summer Season at Ängsbacka.

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Application for Summer 2018 is not open yet.

We aim to have information about the price and dates ready in mid Dec 2017/mid Jan 2018.  

Warmly Welcome back!



Practical information and work group information









The camp periods, including arrival and departure dates, make up an essential supporting structure for successful running of our festivals. We ask you to respect this by planning your attendance for the camps accordingly.

Camp Name Dates Price
All summer Volunteer Camp 2 June-13 August 4900 SEK
Pre Camp 2-10 June 800 SEK
Sexsibility Camp 11-19 June 1950 SEK
Midsummer Camp 21-25 June 1300 SEK
No Mind camp 26 June-10 July 2950 SEK
Gen Conference Camp 11-21 July 2450 SEK / 1850 SEK*
Yoga camp 21-30 July 2600 SEK
Tantra camp 30 July-7 August 2250 SEK
Post camp I 7-13 August 600 SEK
Post camp II 14. 22 August 800 SEK

 * We have an 600 SEK discount at the GEN-camp for all citizens from outside of the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark). The discount does not apply if you are joining two or more camps.


Special offers:

You can choose to apply for joining one or several volunteer camps during the summer period. If you combine two or more camps you will receive a discount on the volunteer fee.

Attend 2 Festival Camps and receive a discount of 20%

attend 3 Festival Camps and receive a discount of 30%

attend 4 Festival Camps and receive a discount of 40% etc.

Please note: This offer does not include Pre camp or Post camp periods.

Own accomodation

Arrange your own accomodation in the village and receive 20% discount.

Get discount as a participant

If you have been a volunteer on a festival and would like to come as a participant for another festival you can book your festival ticket for the Early Bird price. Please note this offer is only available after you have been a volunteer on a festival in 2017.

Extended community in Molkom

If you are a part of the extended community in Molkom, you receive 20% discount when you come for one festival and live off-site. When attending several festivals regular prices apply.


Please note that coming as a coordinator requires previous Ängsbacka volunteering experience. Coordinator discount: 50% of the volunteer price.

Come as a coordinator for a period of three festivals (Sexsibility+Midsummer+No Mind or GEN+Yoga+Tantra) and receive a bonus to come as a participant to a fourth festival in 2017 for only 200kr/day.

Welcome to contact us at volunteer (at)!




A welcome letter with more detailed information about the volunteer camp is sent out to all volunteers a couple of weeks before the start. Below you can find some general information.


Ängsbacka is an international course and festival center with participants, workshop leaders and volunteers from all over the world. Therefore please note that the main language is English.


Ängsbacka is not to be defined as an intentional community. Ängsbacka AB is first and foremost a business, ultimately serving the vision of Ängsbacka association.
The residential staff and volunteers that live on site create a community-like atmosphere through working for a shared purpose.


Please make sure to stick to our camp dates. By doing so, you greatly support our energetic group dynamics and event operations. We thank you for your understanding and support. The check-in is open on our official arrival day between 15:00 – 18:30. Please arrange your travels accordingly.


The departure day is a working day! All volunteers are expected to work until lunch, to assist with the clean-up after the festival. Please make sure to check-out directly after lunch between 14:00 – 15:00!

Work Groups

This group takes care of all the spaces of Ängsbacka; cleaning, beautifying and decorating the workshop rooms, participant rooms, bathroom, toilets and the laundry, washing,  folding and ironing. This year there is an additional decoration team with limited spaces for people with experience in the field!

Children’s festival/Child Care
No Mind and Yoga Festival have their owm Children’s festival program. Be a part of creating the fun and magic for the young festival participants.
Child Care is needed throughout the summer; you will tend to one or a couple of children at the time, on a regular basis. Professional  experience is preferred for both these tasks.

This group prepares the delicious breakfast for everyone on site and takes care of the cleanup afterwards. Their shift starts early but allows more time off during the day. Kitchen experience is a plus and those with previous breakfast experience will have priority!

This group prepares the festival’s delicious vegetarian lunches and dinners, supporting the chef with chopping, peeling, stirring, and does parts of the cleaning at the end of the day, including taking out the compost. Those with kitchen experience will have priority!

This group prepares salads for the buffé and do the serving of the meals at lunch and dinner.

Garden/Kitchen Assistance
Help out prepare our homegrown vegetables/salads by giving them a wash before they are taken care of by the hands of the kitchen team.

Café & Juice Bar/Baking
These groups work closely and take care of all operations in the Café & Juice Bar – setting up the space, serving costumers at the counter, preparing the delicious coffees, taking care of the dishes and the cleanup after the shift. A baking team takes care of the baking and preparing the cakes and other yummies. People with experience will have priority.

This group ensures our safety through the festival, with specific attention to fire safety. They keep the fire alive, making sure that the buildings are heated and that there is plenty of wood in store. They all take care of moving/handling furniture, beds, tables etc.

Dishing Team
This group takes care of all the dishes produced by cooking and serving. They ensure a smooth flow and cleanliness of the dishing area and are responsible for some of the cleaning at the end of the day and also for recycling.

Sound and Light
This team is takes the responsibility that all the sound and light equipment functions in all the workshop spaces. They assist the workshop leaders and musicians with their musical needs. Only people with experience will be considered!

Our Media Angels take all the wonderful videos and photos to be used later for promotion purposes. They also assist our Marketing Coordinator and the Info Gallery with whatever is needed. Limited spaces. Only people with experience will be considered, subject to a personal interview with our Marketing Coordinator.

This group is responsible for tending to the Ängsbacka Park area. We welcome you who wish to contribute with weeding, planting, watering, taking care of the herbal garden, do the recycling and compost toilets etc.

Vegetable Garden
Although this group is mainly recruited among our long term volunteers you are welcome to apply. The Garden team’s work starts way before the summer to ensure that we have delicious homegrown salad and other vegetables and greens to serve ourselves during the festival times. Longterm volunteers with gardening experience are given priority.

For these groups Ängsbacka experience is required.


Our volunteers sleep in shared spaces in dorms or dorm-tents on and off site, together with 4-6-12-20 beings of all genders. If you would like to be accommodated with beings of your gender, please let us know well in advance. The discount when arranging your own accommodation off site is 20% off the price for selected camp period.

Please bring your own sheet, pillow case, towel and sleeping bag – Ängsbacka can not provide these for volunteers. You might also want to bring an extra towel for the sauna.

Please bring earplugs if you are noise-sensitive or prefer to sleep early – the sound can sometimes be loud in the festival area.


During the festivals we serve a vegetarian diet. If you have allergies, please let us know when you fill in the application form. We offer vegan, lactose free and gluten free alternatives. For practical reasons, we can not cater for other dietary needs/wishes.


Please bring suitable clothes for work (depending on your working area) and time off. If you are likely to be cold during the night, bring an extra warm sleeping bag!

Other Information

Money. For cash withdrawals, there is a vending machine (ATM) at the grocery store in Molkom about 1.5 miles from Ängsbacka. They also offer cashback service on purchases done with a Swedish bank card.

Shopping. Extra food items, toiletries and other everyday items can be found in Coop Molkom grocery store.

Café. The café at Ängsbacka is a popular hang-out space for our volunteers. You can buy yummy cakes, drinks, sweets, coffee or ice cream. As a volunteer, you have access to a selection of teas as well as filter coffee – for no extra charge.

Sauna. We have a large wood-fire sauna where you have the possibility to relax in the company of new and old friends – an extra towel is a good idea to bring for that.

Find your way here

It’s easy to find your way to Ängsbacka by car, bus or train. Read more about how to find your way here.




Cancellation policy

You can cancel your participation until two weeks before the starting day of the festival camp. Late cancellation requires that a doctor confirms an inability to participate. Upon cancellation, your payment is refunded except the administration fee: 15% of the total booking value. After the start of a festival a refund is no longer possible.


Find your way here

Ängsbacka is located in Molkom 30 km north of Karlstad and is easily reached by bus or car. To Karlstad you can also arrive by plane or train. It is about 3-4 hours from Oslo, Stockholm and Göteborg. Read more here.



If you have questions regarding your booking and/or payment, contact us by e-mail at