Status för denna avändare är Godkänd

the Spiritual Feminine

Thinking: "Goals, actions, strive, achieve, conquer limited resources, fight, win, make it, own it; Twin-possibilities die each moment" - That's Masculine Consciousness.

We forget we were once formed from, and formed in: the Feminine. Let us recall.

"Weakness is but a hidden form of strength
we keep as a secret even from ourselves."

In 2016 Yael Zeligman was an educator and a struggling single-mom. Voluntarily, at nights, she translated videos. One video showed Kuuyux Ilarion Merculieff speaking of things Yael secretly felt when giving birth...
In 2018 he came out of the screen and into her life. The two held gatherings in Israel; and now work together on Balancing the Feminine and the Masculine.
Yael is also a central council member of the Wisdom Weavers of the World, and runs women's groups and circles, one of which is "Wombs-of-Peace" where Jews, Arabs and Other Women from around the World, virtually come together.