Status för denna avändare är Godkänd

Moon Mother, Chromotherapist, women circles holder, Massage Heale

Chromotherapy is a therapy where through choosing colors and creating mandalas, women will explore deep feelings that are difficult to express, discover ways of seeing life and ways to be in the world.
No experience is necessary.

"when I heal... you heal, when you heal all of us heal"

Ximena discovered the beautiful and ancestral wisdom of weaving that was used to create protection symbols in colorful mandalas. A new world appeared in front of her eyes when the colors started to express deep feelings and secrets, ways of being or new paths to discover.
Then she started to share these colors and knowledge with her tribe and the joy expanded.

Massage healer, Moon Mother, women circles holder, menstrual guide, singer, traveler, she discovered in the colors not only a way to protect herself but a path to read what her soul and her sister's souls needed.