Status för denna avändare är Godkänd

Bhajans – Sacred Song Circle – Mantras and Heart Songs

We sing mantras and heart songs together as a prayer to what is true and beautiful for each of us. Through the singing we connect with our hearts, fall into peace and expand into joy! We share our highest love through sound and presence!

"Love will set us free!"

Through his warm presence Vasudev creates beautiful spaces for people to come together to sing, share and open up to the mystery of life.

From the Indian Himalayas to the jungles of Brazil to everyday life in Oslo Vasudev has studied with a variety of gurus, teachers and shamans.

Vasudev started singing mantras as part of his devotional practice in 1987 and has since made and produced a number of albums of devotional music. He is currently living in Ubud, Bali where he shares his gifts of song and soul.