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Synergistic Alignment of Tantra, Yoga & Ayurveda

Uma is sought out by discerning and intrepid practitioners for her decades of experience in the synergy of Kundalini Tantra Yoga and Ayurveda. African born, of Indian descent, Uma has walked an un-common path far from family, schools and cities, a path that led her at 20 to her initiation and 14-year long training in naturally wild, secluded & accelerative conditions in Bali.

Uma consolidated S.A.T.Y.A. (Synergistic Alignment of Tantra, Yoga & Ayurveda) that draws from her Ayurvedic health practice, training with teachers in the Satyananda Saraswati lineage, early years of Hatha Yoga with her family and Kundalini Tantra with her former master.

Uma offers domestic & international S.A.T.Y.A. and Laya Yoga intensives and in-depth trainings. She also spearheads the wellness movement Going With Nature that provides Ayurvedic health programs and consummate Panchakarma retreats in India.

"The tantric yogi is the original super-natural, harnessing the forces of nature to go beyond nature, with the blessings of nature."