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Transformational Heart-Art

TRANSFORMATIONAL HEART-ART is an intuitive,intentional way of diving into art for everyone who is longing for creativity.The painting is built in layers and we see the canvas as a portal to come in contact with something deeper within ourselves.

"There´s a powerful awakening that happens when you (re)discover your creativity" -Flora Bowley

Tekla is colorful creative soul and artist,with her origin in the forest and magical realms.
Tekla has always had an open door to creativity since childhood, and begun to explore the painting process in a deeper way in 2015, and works as a full-time artist today,she sells her vibrant art and also makes personal "medicine paintings".
For two years she has painted live at the No Mind festival, opened up and expressed the energy of the festival in its own special painting, that has been been sold in a fundraising auction to benefit the children at ängsbacka.
This years painting will have the same theme of the festival "Let Love Rule" and Tekla is also here to offer painting workshops and the depths and joy of the creative process.
Tekla has her artstudio and lives in Järna with her daughter