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Intentional Creativity

Imagine that the canvas is a portal to another realm, when we open this gate we open up to our inner sacred self, to our love, our source of inner knowing and magic landscapes. Painting becomes ritual, an act of awareness, a tool to journey deep within

""Intentional creativity is a path to accessing the within – the language of the heart."
~ Shiloh Sophia, founder of Intentional Creativity

Tekla is an artist, a intentionalcreativity teacher in training, an inspirational guide, a mother, a friend of trees and elemental beings, a believer in magic and bringer of rainbowcoloured heart-art to the world.
Tekla comes from a small village in the northern part of Sweden and now lives in Järna, with her daughter.

Colors. Ritual. Transformation. Fun. Mindful art making with intention, where we see the canvas as a portal that connects us to our inner wisdom. Painting from inside and out.
No experience is necessary.