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ALCHEMY OF TOUCH is a Transmission in the CORE of TOUCH - Meditative Myo-Fascial Release Bodywork. Facilitating the release of tension by focusing on the myo-fascia in order to unwind physical and emotional imbalances to ‘Live Pain Free’.

"From pain body to bliss body. A global transformation through the release of Myo-Fascial holding patterns, unwinding the bodymind for a balanced life."

TAPESH PARADISO is the founder of Alchemy of Touch, and lived and trained in the presence of Osho since 1982. He is passionate about sharing the transmitted wisdom and insights.Through his experience in meditation, the healing arts and bodywork he has created a signature method known as Alchemy of Touch.

ANOUK DEVI is the co-founder of Alchemy of Touch and shares her innate experience of healing the body through working with Touch, Mindfulness, Trauma & Tension Release, Myo-Fascial insights, Yin Yoga, Energy & Nervous System Regulation.

They have 55 years of combined experience.