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Family Constellation and Conscious Relating

"Any act done in awareness is right and any act done in unawareness is wrong... The act does not matter; what matters is your consciousness." - Osho

Svagito is a psychotherapist and spiritual teacher who has been a disciple of the enlightened mystic, Osho, since 1980. Svagito combines Western therapy methods with Eastern methods of meditation, and is known for his clarity and heartfulness in teaching and supporting people in their personal growth.

In 1995 he began to include Family Constellation in his work, studying with its founder, Bert Hellinger. His other training programmes specialize in Neo-Reichian Breathwork, Counseling and Male-Female Energywork and Trauma Healing (SE).

Every year, he travels extensively throughout Europe, Asia, Central and South America, offering courses and training programmes in over 15 different countries.

Svagito has published three books, which have been translated into 9 languages.