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Contact Movements

CONTACT MOVEMENTS is to move together in the space and time require a deep inner balance which is a dynamic dance. No experience is necessary but the curiosity to move in a dance, a fight and a sublime love.

"The floor is our first partner, from the floor we fly."

Supriya is a very passionate woman. Supriya means "sublime love": to be love, to be a lover and a divine human being was for her a path deeply connected with the body. Circus, dance, tantra and movement are the key to a deep embodiment.

Her work Wakes up a channel inside the human body, this channel is connecting all the elements, be fully in the body means to be in the radical truth of the present moment and from this moment we can allow the flow of love to express and open the body as the life in a endless desire and passion. We are one with the movement / in space and time.