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VAIDIKA Dharma Ritual Teaching - Vedanta & Mantra

VAIDIKA is a Sanskrit word, it means that which is of Veda. Yoga has its origin in the Vedas, a map for human beings to find happiness and security in this life through the timeless teaching of Vedanta, Values, Rituals, Meditation and Sacred Chants.

"In life, one keeps going after luxuries which convert into necessities. Vedanta teaches you to convert the necessities into luxuries."

Sharada is a devoted and committed student of Vedanta, Sanskrit, Vedic Chanting, Meditation, and Rituals.

Since 2009 she lives and studies in Bali and India with her teachers in the Swami Dayananda lineage. Her teachers have given her the blessing to pass on the teaching and spiritual disciplines.

Sharada's transmission of the rituals, prayers, and teaching make it easy to understand and bring the healing home to your heart. Her pedagogic approach of the teaching has been very appreciated by her students and lets every seeker of truth, depth and meaning in life feel safe, held and seen.

She brings priceless jewels that bless one's heart profoundly, planting seeds of wisdom that can sprout into blooming lotuses when one is ready to receive them with an open heart.