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Easter Festival 2017: Musician


A Stockholm native, Sara Broman spent the majority of her early life in Sweden, while spending the past 15 years travelling and exploring the world and herself.

Sara has been singing and creating art pretty much her whole life and she draws inspiration for her songs from her life experiences, travels, relationships (and sometimes relation-shits :P).

Sara graduated from Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California, in March 2012 with an Associates of Arts Degree in Vocal Performance, rated as one of the top performers in her graduating class. She also completed a 6 month Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training while living in Los Angeles. In 2015 she moved to England to complete her BA in Songwriting, but decided to come back in 2016 to her native Sweden to focus on what she really loves to do - being on stage singing and sharing her storytelling in song form.

Her debut EP "Seasons of me" is available on iTunes and she will be recording a new EP in the spring of 2017 in Stockholm.