Status för denna avändare är Godkänd

Tantra and De-armouring teacher, Embodiment Expert and Amplifier

An amplifier taps into another, accessing and accelerates that whats is already existing within. The recognition brings presence, joy and a more empowered life. Such an experience is highly individual and the expression/experience is unique to moment.

"People might think your crazy, don’t listen to them. Follow the calling. They will only call you crazy until they learn what you did was genius."

Already as a child Sanna had direct experiences of the greater. By the age of 17 she quit school to follow this inner calling and to explore different traditions.
Currently, with her rare combination of training, experience, skill, spiritual practice, and profound insight, Sanna teaches how to expand and live as a sensual empowered human being while abiding in the heart of consciousness: a journey that is inspiring, life changing and enlightening.

She´s travelling the world sharing through workshops, trainings, seminars and private sessions, and she is also the founder of the de-armouring training.