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Fairytale yoga, Acroyoga, Dance for Joy, Games, Creative Workshops

FAIRYTAL YOGA aims to hand down some ancient knowledge in a playful and fun way.
ACROYOGA is a very simple playful and safe mixture of acrobatics and yoga.

All games aim to encourage children to engage in movement.

”Joy, fun and laughter is more healing than any medication, meditation or healthy food.”
- Anita Moorjani

Sandra started practicing yoga more than 15 years ago but it wasn’t until she went through a burn-out four years ago, yoga became her way to find her inner truth.

She has extensive experience leading children groups in dance, yoga, exploring many areas of storytelling, music and playing instruments and drawing.

Yoga's deep philosophy continues guiding her every day to remind her to stay connected and authentic.

Today her lifejourney has become more about connecting with others all over the world to share the joy of creativity.