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The Orgasmic Heart, Morning Intimacy
Hostess of TantricTemple

The Orgasmic Heart is a physical as well as energetic practice where we get to integrate our multi-layered being into a pleasurable heart expansion. Making love from the heart can change the world...

"Heart based sexuality can change the world."

Salila is a tantric therapist, body-worker and dancing meditator from Sweden dedicated to the raw experience of life. Her education has the range from a 4-year bachelor in Neuroscience from KI, 1000 hours of Yoga Alliance, Conscious sensuality, tantra massage and orgasmic healing. She is working full-time with tantra massage in Copenhagen and teaching retreats in Conscious sexuality and tantra worldwide (India, US, Thailand, Finland etc.).

She is deeply fascinated and curious in how Heart based sexuality and orgasms can heal the world.