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Intimacy and Ecstasy using the Wheel of Consent

The Wheel of Consent is the most powerful consent tool yet discovered. By applying the Wheel of Consent to all our interactions: such as dancing, speed-dating, or impact and sensation play, we experience more clarity, authenticity and pleasure.

"Rupert, your workshops were ground-breaking. I waited 7 years to find that place to open safely and dive in. Something in me has softened. Thankyou."

Rupert loves to create healing, empowering and playful spaces for meeting self and other. He has trained extensively in western tantra, conscious kink, and contemporary consent and intimacy teachings, and has been holding sacred space for groups since 1992. He is an accredited Wheel of Consent facilitator with Betty Martin’s School of Consent.

Inclusivity, choice and respect underlie all his work, which welcomes people of all genders, identities and orientations. In this era of #metoo, opportunities for us to come together in reverence and celebration are more widely needed than ever.