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No Mind Festival 2017: Workshopleader

Shamanic work

Rob Larkin has come from the US to reside in Sweden (Skåne) where he is a facilitator of shamanic practices.
He has been involved in shamanism for over 25 years beginning in Santa Fe, New Mexico and now working presently in Sweden, Denmark, India and Bali, Indonesia.

He will be facilitating shamanic work in sacred ceremony which will include combined men/women Sweat Lodges, a Male Initiation ceremony, Shamanic Drum Journey and possibly a Sacred Pipe ceremony.

He is an Initiated Elder, Pathfinder, Sweat Lodge leader, Sacred Pipe carrier, Reiki Master healer, Men’s Work and group workshop leader and Haitian-style drummer.
His teachers have experience and wisdom from different shamanic practices in many places in the world-Native North America, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Africa, Russia and South America.

"We are here NOW to co-create together with each of our special gifts to bring balance and love back to Mother Earth."