Status för denna avändare är Godkänd

Shamanic works, guide and facilitator

Shamanic Sweat Lodge-a place to go into your deep inner being to get in touch with your true self. Men's Initiation Ceremony-a recognition and honoring of the male's 'Right of Passage'. Drum Journey & Animal Dance-connecting with your Spirit helpers.

"Using ceremony, sacred space and shamanic tools, we open our heart space to find our true nature as Spirit/Beings here to co-create a wondrous life."

Robert Larkin has been facilitating shamanic work for over 25 years.
He comes from Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA and now lives in Sweden, working there, in Denmark and in India.

He is an Initiated Male Elder, Pathfinder, Sweat Lodge leader, Sacred Pipe carrier, Reiki Master, group workshop leader, Grandfather and Haitian-style drummer.

He guides shamanic ceremonies and rituals such as the Sweat Lodge, Drum Journey, Power Animal Dance, Sacred Pipe, Medicine Wheel teachings and Talking Stick circles; plus holding men/women group workshops, ‘Men’s Work’ circles and offers Personal Counseling.