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The Presence Of Love

Various processes exercises and meditations to come to profound and lasting experiences of residing in The Heart. To come to moments of Presence is fairly easy when we feel safe and resourced. In my work I focus on what it takes to "stay present".

"Full embodied presence as a direct experience of our humanness is the Key to Healing and Being Fully Human"

Richard is a master of Aquatic Bodywork and a Bhakti Yogi at heart. He’s an innovator in the field of breath work, bringing live soundscapes, guided meditation and ecstatic breath together in the Quantum Light Breath. He is dedicated to facilitating others into states of embodied relaxation that allow for Reality to reveal herself in all her beauty and ferocity. He is fascinated by the dance of polarity and can often be found in loving acts of service.
His rare gift of compassionate and exquisitely attuned presence pours through his voice and actions.