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Tantra For Women, YogaShaking, Energy Work

YogaShaking, active yoga meditation that heals and opens up to our joy, unlocks any physical, emotional or spiritual blockages that prevent us from reaching our highest potential, powerful practice that activates our kundalini and life force energy.

"”As everything is energy, we can match our frequency with the reality we want and simply attract it”

Ma Pravasi, the founder of "Awakening through Awareness" group processes. Originally from Finland, currently living between Sweden and the Bahamian islands where she shares her healing work, contributes in retreats and swims with the wild dolphins.

She has been on a deep spiritual quest and journey for more than twenty years and has been trained as an Osho Therapist, within Tantra, as a Yogini, Oneness Trainer, Coach, within different healing arts and has been learning from different indigenous people. She has a deep love for Energy work and Active Meditations