Status för denna avändare är Godkänd

Vinyasa Yoga, Inversions

"From wonder into wonder , existence opens."

Having the deep urge to explore the deeper aspects of life, Philip was introduced to the practice of Yoga while traveling through the jungles of Brazil, volunteering in various Eco-facilities.

Having competed in Gymnastics for over 10 years, the physical practice was already firmly anchored deep within, and later became the very thing that would become an inspiring passion to share.

Philip is currently a world traveling yoga teacher, having shared his practice and passions in a long list of countries with hundreds of students.

He has had the priveledge to study with teachers like Dylan Werner and Dena Kingberg, which he says has truly coloured & shaped the man he is today.

Teaching from an ecstatic heart and passionate spirit, Philip skillfully facilitates the collective space.