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Dolphin Power Qigong and Natural Moves in Nature

Dolphin Power Qigong - embodied visualization inspired by qualities of dolphins, to self regulate our nervous system
Natural Moves in Nature - exploration through movement, open the senses, ground the body, connect heartfully and enjoy the present moment

"Self-love is the foundation to a sustainable world”

Petra is a life artist with the passion to share and create experiences of inner and outer beauty. Her creativity has taken form both as an architect/designer and as a facilitator for people to explore their authentic self, alive meeting with others and the vibrant presence of nature.

Since 20 years she has studied and worked with yoga, qigong, meditation and dance. She also holds groups and gives one to one sessions in Zen Coaching, Somatic Experiencing and hands-on treatments on land and in warm water.

Petra has a natural way of making others feel safe, grounded, connected and radiant at home, being human.