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Premananda Yoga - Non Dual Yoga

"Happiness is not something that you´ll find somewhere, it is only to be find here and now"

Pedro Franco, Premananda, founder of Premananda Yoga School. Yogi, Physical Education Professional Physiotherapist, with specialization in NeuroPhysiology.

Pedro has practiced Martial Arts for 22 years. His Yoga journey started in 1992 and since then he has practiced, studied and was certified by Teachers and Masters from various lineages and traditions around the world, integrating the most effective and functional tools of Consciousness Awakening and Embodiment, developening his own method of Non Dual Yoga - Premananda Yoga.

Pedro also carries certifications in Pilates, technical skills for rehabilitation, wellness, and fitness. He has developed a practice that blends effective tools with a broad holistic perspective, and has a teaching style that adapts to all levels for the maximum development of students´ inherent abilities.