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CARE is an acronym for the four domains in this contemplative skills training program Compassion, Attention, Resilience and Emotion. Originally created for the staff at Chalmers the purpose / goal of CARE is individual and organizational flourishing.

"If the voice in your head is you, then who is listening?"

When Pål sat his first 10-day silent Vipassana meditation retreat in Kathmandu almost 25 years ago a love for silence and introspection was born.

Pål is a trained as a teacher of the Tibetan Buddhism based Cultivating Emotional Balance program that was born out of the Mind & Life institute, founded by H.H Dalai Lama for addressing critical issues of modern life and Hatha Yoga.

Pål operates at the intersection of scientific and contemplative understanding in order to create more socially sustainable and compassionate society. He has a soft and warm hearted way of teaching, pedagogically mixing recent findings from psychology and neuro-science with his understanding of ancient wisdom traditions.

Pål has developed CARE - finding joy at work through CARE” and the CARE Teacher Training