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Qigong, Obstacle Course, Creativity, Sharing Circle

QIGONG is phisical and energy practice wich balance and harmonize the body. Qigong exercise strengthens and mobilizes the musculoskeletal systems hard and soft parts, strengthens the body’s organ function. Improves concentration ability.

"No one can hurt me, everyone can teach me."

During his acupressure/stress therapy curse Oz was introduced to Qigong practice and start to love and enjoy the benefits of Qigong.Oz has immersed himself in Qigong and today he is a Qigong instructor and holding his Owen classes in Stockholm and some hotels.

He believe that this Qigong practice is a very effect full energy medicine and love to share his gift at his special pedagogy to teach Qigong.

Oz have work before 4 years at school with children and have very easy to connect with all ages.