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GEN-Europe conference 2017: Workshop leader, Presenter

A Forest Experience

About the event

A guided walk in the beautiful forest around Ängsbacka where we experience the diversity of the forest through our senses, and in the process get deeper in contact with ourselves and each other. The journey will be both meditative and playful.
Dress acccording to weather, bring good walking boots/shoes.

About the presenter As soon as the sun shines, Olle wants to be in nature. Feeling the warmth on the skin, hearing the birds sing, smelling the moss, enjoying the beauty. A nature-lover from an early age Olle is trained as a biologist and works with nature conservation, monitoring birds and butterflies and guiding in nature. He is also a zen coach, mindfulness instructor and a spiritual seeker at heart who is drawn to the mystery of life where every experience is new, fresh and opening doors to the unknown.