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Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie

The Work of Byron Katie by Nayano is a method of self-inquiry, to clear your mind from confusion and mental suffering. The work is meditation on 4 questions that you use, to find out whats REALLY true to you, in your heart of hearts ❤️

"Who would you be, without your story?" Byron Katie

Nayano is an experienced psychotherapist since many years. Working with different methods, she never got a feeling of having hit gold. She wanted the ultimate. Freedom from the traps of the mind, that kept her heart locked up in the loops of thinking. She became somehow quite desperate. What to do about that? Thinking is happening quite automatic!
In 1999 she discovered The Work. It was like the opening of a secret door. She saw that you can actually question your mind and find the treasures, hidden in every painful thought and belief. The Work is now her favourite tool for transformation!