Status för denna avändare är Godkänd

Explorer of Creativity & Jewelry Designer

”We are all naturally creative & there are no limits of our own expression.Trough creativity we get the possibility to share our inner with the world."

The creative process is a deep blessing in Nathalie’s life. Creativity is a beautiful way to explore yourself and to Love everything that is longing to be expressed. It allows Nathalie to be in silence and peace and at the same time she gets to share her heart with the world.

She loves to explore creativity in different expressions, such as making Macramé and wire jeweler, creating with recycled material, photography, writing, music and much more.

Nathalie´s creativity has been strongly connected with nature since childhood and now she happy and excited to share this with the children at Ängsbacka. To create together with kids that don´t have as much frames and rules feels like the biggest gift for her. In Nathalie´s workshops the kids imagination will lead the way!