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Shakti Temple Yoga, Shakti Shaking, Orgasmic Breathing

SHAKTI TEMPLE YOGA is and Miras own unique style of yoga. It has been birthed from all of her studies and explorations and blends breath, sound, movement, touch, energetic work and devotion into the asana practice for the awakening of Shakti.

"You are the ecstatic life force moving through you."

Mira has been on a yogic tantric path since 1995. She now facilitates workshops, retreats, trainings and sessions for women and men from all over the world. She has studied in the fields of healing touch, massage, yoga, pilates, dance and the creative expression of drama, Tantra, Feminine Embodiment practices, meditation and relaxation.

Mira is a certified 500 Hour Yoga Teacher and have studied many forms of yoga.