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Inside Out Parenting, Teen Wellbeing, Coaching

A fun interactive workshop exploring the role of feelings, mood states and separate realities. We mine for gold through personal stories, reduce mental clutter and connect with inner guidance. A love-filled, respect-based approach to the joy of parenting

"We want to know that our children have an internal state of health that contains wisdom and common sense. We want our children to tap into it."

Michelle is a mother of 2 and the founder and Director of Attachment Parenting UK (APUK). She is the creator of the accredited Positive Discipline online course, parent mentor, writer, podcaster and behavior expert for Mother and Baby Magazine.
Michael is a father of 4 and has 2 grandchildren. He is a Director of APUK and the in-house coach and podcaster. He mentors on the innovative Wellbeing Ambassadors programme and the Innate Evolution training programme.
Michelle and Michael organize and co-host the annual Attachment Parenting Conference and are accomplished speakers and workshop leaders.