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Tantra Festival 2017: Workshopleader

Shaman of Erotic Spirituality

"I stand for love and for the awakening of erotic spirit and energy on and around our planet."

Michal Maayan Don is a sacred activist and a sexual sham, In her practice she trains conscious sexuality group facilitators, and trained hundreds of women facilitators for "Women's circles", which has become a large active movement in Israel. She is part of ISTA faculty and a leader in the Israeli "sacred sexuality community".

Behind her there are many years of leading workshops, seminars and rituals in Tantra events, women's gatherings, and large spiritual festivals, her own personal journey brought her to a deep healing process with her sexuality and it is her life mission to pass it through to all living beings.
Ahead of her there is an intension to connect sacred sexuality to the Academic field, education, health and politics. She just finished her second degree in Gender studies.

Michal Maayan is 45 years young and getting younger And a mother to a teenage girl.