Status för denna avändare är Godkänd


The Gong vibrations gives a deep relaxation, releasing blocks. Loud as very subtle playing delivers an experience like a “bath”, where the vibrations reaches our physical and spiritual bodies. Lay down and enjoy a flight in energies.

"Magic vibrations, deep relaxation with the voice of God, feel the energies moving and healing in all our ten bodies, Let Go – Let Gong -Let Love!"

Michael is a Gongmaster and Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Serving as a doctor at the Swedish Defence University he also offers Kundaliniyoga and Gong relaxation. His ambition is to bring Kundalini Yoga, Gong and Meditation to officer students as a leadership tool based on spiritual training with the connection to one’s inner self and the great mysteries of life, love and death. After a period of Tantra practices and Hatha Yoga training, the meeting with Kundalini Yoga 2010 marked a new path connecting yoga with mantra and meditation. Gong training with Mehtab Benton during 2015 marked a second level of spiritual training, enhancing yoga, tantra and meditation practice. Michael have a deep interest in Tantra (Hindu and Buddhist), Yoga, Gong, Meditation, Spiritual Sexuality and Magick.