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Voice Exploration


♥ Maximum 250 characters

Voice exploration is a workshop for anyone who is curious of the relationship with your voice. Allowing the voice to flow free, cracks included.


Please share a quote, a motto, something you believe in. Something to catch the eye.   ♥ Maximum 150 characters.

"There´s a crack in everything, that´s how the light gets in."


Write you Biography adapted to what you will offer at this festival.
Please write about yourself in THIRD person.
♥ Maximum 750 characters.

Merete has loved singing since she was a little girl, performing for an imaginary audience in her childhood bedroom.
Through working with voice, conscious breath, body awareness and movement, she is on a continuous path of liberating and allowing the authentic expression.
She is trained in Creative Voice Therapy with Coco Laurré, has completed a 1 year singer´s course in Complete Vocal Technique, and also has experience from the Roy Hart tradition (The voice is the muscle of the soul).
Since being introduced to the rich tradition of rom music some years ago, she is also a passionate singer of music from the Balkans - and anything that speaks to the heart, really.

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