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Arts and Celebration

Expect the unexpected. Macuxiva always takes you in a journey to magic landscapes through beats and grooves from around the world with playfulnes and full open heart presence. Let´s dance and express our souls!

"Life is an art celebration. Make yours a masterpiece."

Multimedia Brazilian artist. He is one of the organizers of Lifeful Festival and Awaken Club. Macuxiva brings together in his events, workshops and spiritual practices his experience with contemporary dance and theater, creating an atmosphere of celebration of life, always with unpredictable and magical surprises. Follower of the world movement “Awaken Love” coordinated by the spiritual leader Prem Baba, and was trained as a Yoga teacher by the Maa Yoga Ashram at Rishikesh in India. Your last book of poems is called, "When the mind is silent, the heart speaks".