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Shake it Loose, Dance and Domination

Feel the vibrations of the drum, dive deep inside yourself, shake it loose, and find your own expression of sexuality, self love – and maybe your inner dominatrix...?

"Being yourself can be limiting, who else could you be?"

The feeling of being alive, the mysterious sensation of ecstatic flow; this is what comes through Lisa when she dances. After 10 years of exploring different dance forms, Lisa came in contact with Tantra and her reaction was: Oh, what I feel when I dance, that is what tantric people feel in their intimate relationships? From this moment Lisa has dived into the exploration of tantric practice as well as domination and pain as pathways to owning her own sexuality. All pleasure starts with coming in contact with your own body, to discover what sensations, vibrations and emotions we have hidden on the inside. Lisa is here to support you on this journey!