Status för denna avändare är Godkänd

Erotic Restaurant

"Lisa is holding life affirming, playful workshops. She wants to help those who long to love themselves no matter what."

Let’s meet in total vulnerability. Bodies, hearts and souls.

Lisa is a sexsibility coach, who has evolved from the asexual youth who couldn’t even masturbate into a goddess experiencing more kinds of orgasms than she even knew existed. Now she is teaching others. Sexuality is a precious gift, a way into deepest pleasure and an affirmation to life. She has led playful and life affirming workshops since 2004, sometimes with her beloved husband David.

As a workshop leader she integrates the vivacious and the calm, the goofy and the deep. She believes in a balance between digging deep and just affirming life, here and now. A core ambition is to create a safe space, where participants dare to just let go. A space with no demands whatsoever.

Apart from courses and workshops, Lisa also offers massages and coaching.