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Tantra Festival 2017: Workshopleader

Tantra, Energywork, Yoni & Lingam Massage

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Lin started her spiritual journey early in life. With her home deep in the swedish forests it was natural for her to find the shamanistic path and to learn how to listen to the animated life in the wilderness and woods. After finding a lot of healing in yoga, her journey turned to India where she studied yoga, therapy and tantra with scholars, nuns and mystics for a few years.

The journey of yoga brought her into deep contact with the science of the body, breath and movement but it was not until she found the practice of tantra that she really found her deep truth.

Tantra led to a powerful awakening of kundalini. A journey that made her change her view on life from doing to being. From performing to receiving. After kundalini awoken her, her path has been the path of her true hearts calling.

Lin now works worldwide with big events like the tantra festival at Ängsbacka, deep trainings, smaller workshops and individual healing sessions.