Status för denna avändare är Godkänd

Silent Sitting

Start your day with an hour of meditation. Meet yourself, contemplate, integrate and find perspective.

Give yourself an opportunity to bring some clarity, grounding, and relaxation into your day.

Warmly welcome

When we are in ease, magic happens!

Lennart has practiced meditation for 25 years and has participated in numerous courses and retreats to grow as a person and deepen his practice. He holds lectures and workshops, mainly for companies, with the aim to make people reflect on their current situation and use awareness as a tool to change the individuals as well as the team
To meet yourself, all of you, as you are, can be challenging. Your ideas, concepts, and expectations kick in so quickly. It’s amazing that your mind and body are changeable. You can create a new reality, starting now! Let your longing guide you to find your way