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Become the Star YOU already are

BECOME THE STAR is a gentle, creative and transformative process to get deeper contact and access to ourselves, our potential and gifts. When we stop holding us selves back, we can be more who we really are: Brilliant Stars!

"Beyond right and wrong, there is a field... I`ll meet you there" -Rumi

Lamhita Marita Jacobson; The creator of the workshops Body Love & Become the star you already are. Success at Ängsbackas various festivals. She is appreciated for her sharp intuition, delicate sensitivity & humor as she guides participants to heal & transform old pattern/blockages.

Cert. Physical Therapist; Psychosomatic Specialist & Body Intelligence. SE Somatic Experience Trauma therapist (Ph.D. Peter Levine) Educations in Arts/Theater/Performance, Human Resources. Training; Leadership- Communication & Consulting, NVC- Zen Coaching, Massage and Inner Child Work. Cert. Kundalini Yoga teacher (LA).

Project manager for various festivals - New Year's festival. Created The Yoga & Dance Easter. Innovator. Entrepreneur. Over 15 years of experience in personal development and working with people.