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Zen Coaching, Mindful morning & It takes 2 to Tango

Zen Coaching supports the experience of the present moment and our feelings, needs and longings. It opens us to our innermost being and deepens our relationship with ourselves and others in an intimate and co-empowering way.

"THIS moment, is our life. Let's explore, experience and enjoy it fully!"

Kavina is a Zen Coach, teacher in Zen Coaching & Mindfulness and body therapist.

She has always been interested in the essence of who we are in our true core. This interest has led her to intense inner therapeutic work as well as extensive travelling. She’s studied psychology, religion, coaching, therapy and bodywork. Her background includes over 20 years of meditation, therapy and inner work, much influenced by the mystic Osho. Her most recent inquiries involve the aspects of self-love, intimacy, tantric/shamanic sexuality as well as living the true potential of her soul.

Currently she is a passionate student of shamanism as an apprentice on the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path and co-author of a research study about Zen Coaching.