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Midsummer 2017: Workshopleader

Zen Coaching - the power of Yes & The Sacred Human

Kavina is passionate about the discovery of the potentials of being a human, and what it means to be awake, alive and aligned with what the soul is longing to live in this life - and actually LIVING IT in the daily life.

For the last 20 years she's been on the path of meditation and self-discovery. From primal therapy and shamanism to meditation, the work of Osho and lots of therapeutic methods to trainings in body therapy and other therapeutic schools. Today she is a passionate apprentice on the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path, a shamanic school, as well as a very happy coach, body worker and teacher of Zen Coaching & Mindfulness.

She has a long history with Ängsbacka, and has been involved in many different tasks and projects since 2001. Some of the highlights have been hosting the Yoga and Dance Easter festival for 3 years (together with Lamhita Jacobson), as well as the No Mind festival 2015 (together with Magnus Vikström).

THIS moment, right here and right now - is my life. That's all!