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Zen Coaching - Empowered Living

ZEN COACHING is a Heart & Being-oriented approach to coaching, developed by Kåre Landfald. By relaxing into Being, through inner allowance and curious exploration of our experience, we discover greater ease, flow and fulfillment in life and relating.

"You ARE what you long for."

Since his teenage years, Kåre Landfald wondered about the nature of his own being, and the nature of authentic human connection. In time, after many years and detours, this interest led to the development of Zen Coaching as a door to inner wisdom and empowered living.

Kåre has developed Zen Coaching with inspiration from many sources, such as Thich Nhat Hanh (vietnamese Zen Master), Marshall B Rosenberg (Non-violent Communication), and A.H. Almaas (Diamond Approach). Kåre now offers one-year training in Zen Coaching, advanced Zen Coaching Training, private sessions, and trainings and team coaching for companies and organisations.

Kåre was earlier the owner-manager of Ängsbacka. He has also worked internationally with human development for the United Nations and other organisations.