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Nordic Light Yoga, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Women Yoga

Deeply inward going Hatha Yoga infused with Craniosacral healing touch. Unwinding tensions into blissful swirls of inner Northern Lights. Discover a stillness within that is full of potency and aliveness.

"In our Yoga we move through the realm of Liquid Light and Dynamic Stillness allowing the Inner Northern Light to reveal itself as Love in the Body.”

Jenny and Johan has both been immersed for many years in the study and practise of yoga, both on the mat, in temples, in vedic studies and in kirtan. 3 years ago their paths met in Bali and they started weaving a unique blend of traditional Hatha yoga and CranioSacral dynamics.

They have found that the most powerful approach in yoga is through slow movement and softness allowing tensions to be released without force. Rather allowing the body to recognise its natural state of peace and to return to its original divine blueprint.