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Scaravelli inspired yoga

Yoga inspired by Vanda Scaravelli is a joyful exploration where tension is unravelled from a place of listening to our experience whilst embracing it with awareness. This way the intimacy between Spine - Breath - Gravity and Freedom is revealed.

"Yoga cannot be organized, must not be organized...Love is everywhere, in everything, is everything. But if you confine disappears" (Vanda).

Influenced by martial arts, insight meditation, the teachings of the Buddha and explorative effortless yoga, Jeanette invites you to come and play with movement and the breath in an aproach where you are asked to try and "do" much less than you are perhaps used to in your usual practice. This approach to yoga is suitable for everyone, including those who consider themselves to be "too stiff, achy or too old". There is no such thing!
Welcome and enjoy simple freedom of movement together. There is absolutely nothing to achieve! Children & babies are warmly welcome under adult supervision.