Status för denna avändare är Godkänd

Shaktease - Striptease for Goddesses

Shaktease - Striptease for Goddesses - Is a journey of ecstatic self-discovery and enter a sacred space to awaken and reveal your very own delicious dance moves that will arouse your temple and mesmerise everyone around you!

"Let their hearts dance in the fire of your love."
- Rumi

Janie discovered dancing at a very young age. It allowed her to express herself freely and tap into so much joy. Only two years ago she entered an erotic dance workshop for the first time in Brisbane and it completely changed her relationship with her body and her focus in life.

After having done a Mystical Dance teacher training in Thailand last year and diving deep into the wonderful world of Tantra Janie has been sharing her journey of exploring sensuality and femininity through dance with other women.

She loves the concept of looking at erotic dance as a sacred offering rather than a performance & that the person or the people watching are like a mirror rather than an audience. Shaktease - Striptease for Goddesses has taken her on her very own adventure of revealing her true self.