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Shaktease : Devotional Erotic Dance, Sacred Union Labyrinth

Shaktease is a devotional embodiment of the sacred erotic Goddess that offers her dance to the Divine. While awakening Shakti within you the dance becomes a love song to yourself and an alluring prayer to the world around you.

"Both light and shadow are the dance of love." Rumi

Janie's passion for dance has taken her to many places on this earth and she has fallen deeply in love with the healing powers of movement while embodying sacred erotic Goddess energy that lies within all of us.

Janie first walked through the Mystical Dance temple gates on Koh Phangan (Thailand) in 2017. She started her journey as Tantramama early 2018 and became a certified Sacred Sexuality Coach for Men and couples.

Since moving to back Berlin last year she has been creating numerous Tantra workshops including rituals and ceremonies for all lovers of life.