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Anukalana Yoga

ANUKALANA YOGA is a whole approach with a wide range of involvement that goes from Shiva Sadhana (Yin practice) to Shakti Sadhana (Dynamic practice). Any Anukalana class can be completely different and a new adventure.

"Move, Interact, Lenghten, Open and Enlighten."

Jacopo is the director of the Samadhi Anukalana Yoga Teacher Training School in Italy. His journey with Yoga started at an early age. In '94 Jacopo become a Yoga Teacher under the guidance of a group of Indian Tantrik Monks.

Following his passion for study, practice and research he founded the Anukalana Approach to Yoga where Integration is the process for developing advanced principles for the practice of Asana, Pranayama and Meditation.

Jacopo is well known in Italy for his fun based teaching style and he cooperates with Yoga Journal Italia for articles on Anukalana Yoga, Meditation and AcroYoga.