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VivaVagina!, Heart Qigong, Sensual Taomassage

VivaVagina! workshop is a safe and close workshop for women where we practise with jade egg in the Vagina. And its also a session with acupressure and massage.
Heart Qigong is a easy and lovely way to land in your heart and in selflove and peace.

"Love is always the answer"

Ingrid Frideborgsdotter is a journalist, writer, VivaVagina! therapist, sexsibility coach and Tao masseur. She has her own Center Heart & Hand - Isis Goddess temple in Stockholm. Her gift to life is to help women to love their bodys and to feel more pleasure and lust in their sexual life - and in the hole life.
Ingrid healed herself from burn out with qigong and she loves to share her own Heart Qigong which she will offer every morning. Qigong is a lovely way to land and wake up the body. To connect with your own heart and also with your body and soul.
Ingrid offers VivaVagina! sessions that is acupressure and massage in the hole pelvic floor area of women to dissolve tensions for more passion and happiness.
Ingrid also have a Tao workshop with Lars Maria. See him for more info.