Status för denna avändare är Godkänd

I Don't Know

Do we really know who we are, why we are here on Mother Earth, and even what we are going to say in the present moment? We will explore what it means to be a "real human being" at a time that challenges the human spirit.

"Nothing is created outside until it is created inside first"

Ilarion (Kuuyux) Merculieff is Unangan (Aleut) who was born and raised on a tiny island in the middle of the Bering Sea, called St. Paul Island, and was in the last generation that had a fully intact traditional upbringing. He received his traditional name, Kuuyux, at age four and was given that name by the last Kuuyux left alive among his people. It means "carrier of ancient knowledge, a spiritual bridge from the past to the present, "a messenger". He now lives the legacy of his name, spreading the messages of wisdom from Indigenous Elders from throughout the world.