Status för denna avändare är Godkänd

The Heart of Tantra

Through exercises involving breath, touch and heart we enter the here and now, liberate our energy and open to feeling. In this space of aliveness and vulnerability intimacy becomes an exciting adventure. We learn to accept and express ourselves.

“The moment you accept yourself you become beautiful.” OSHO

Homa and Mukto are great friends with very different perceptions of life. It's these differences that keep their work fresh and alive. After meeting Osho 40 years ago they received extensive training by a number of internationally acclaimed therapists and meditation teachers.Today their work is a synthesis of therapy and present moment awareness focused on self-acceptance and the liberation of sexual energy through love and consciousness.Currently they travel around the world giving Tantra workshops and trainings. They reside in Brazil, where they coordinate the ‘Osheanic’ growth center.