Status för denna avändare är Godkänd

Ecopsychology and Nature Connection

Ecopsychology guides us to an ecological identity where we are deeply connected to the Earth as our home. It is an invitation to a rewilding of the human psyche and a reenchantment of the World

"The human soul is part of the Earth´s Soul. And it is Wild - like the ancient woods and oceans"

Henrik has 30 years’ experience of contemplative, shamanic and ecopsychological practices that reconnects people with nature. Henrik has been studying ecopsychology at Schumacher College and is a certified facilitator in Mindfulness-based ecotherapy. Today he is holding courses in ecopsychology and is working as a storyteller and a nature awareness guide. Henrik is a “gode”, a pagan priest, in a society for Scandinavian Nature Religion, and is author of several books about spirituality and ecologism. He has an academic background as an archaeologist and anthropologist.